Our vision is that every dollar invested builds a better world.

Our role is to grow the market for investments that deliver measurable social and environmental benefits alongside financial returns.

There are many businesses building a better world.
Here are their stories

SEDI Grants

Social Enterprise Development Initiative (SEDI) Grants, offered by Impact Investing Australia and funded by the Department of Social Services, are capability building grants of up to $120,000 to support eligible social enterprises to grow their impact.

Impact Investing Australia is dedicated to growing the market for impact investing. Our vision is for a healthy, equitable and prosperous Australia delivered through a dynamic market for investments with a diversity of players and products.

We represent Australia as the national partner on GSG Impact and work closely with its member countries to grow opportunities for investments that deliver measurable social, environmental and cultural benefits alongside financial returns. Our priorities are to:

Scale impact and investment.  Working collaboratively to accelerate financial and social innovation and ensuring capital flows to businesses that contribute to solutions.

Example: Impact Investing Australia’s Growth Grant program supported more than 70 extraordinary organisations on their way to investment readiness and scale.

Build the field.  Providing supportive infrastructure, tools and a policy framework which will create an environment in which scale can be achieved.

Example: We are working with a number of industry stakeholders to establish a new and independent financial institution, Impact Capital Australia (working title) to mobilise more capital and transform the way Australia deals with social and environmental challenges. In 2015, Impact Investing Australia launched the Blueprint for Impact Capital Australia and defined its role as both investor and market champion. We are now calling on government and major financial institutions to create this impact investment wholesaler with the capital and mandate to drive impact investing in Australia.

Make it easier to participate.  Raising awareness and providing a wider set of products and solutions for people will make it easier for them to participate and have a positive impact.

Example: A significant amount has been achieved in the past decade to increase participation. We released Scaling Impact a blueprint for collective action to scale impact investment and outline ways individuals and organisations can lead and act.

What is impact investing?

Impact investing is a growing field of investment that is helping to finance solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges such as affordable housing and sustainable agriculture.

Looking for funding or investors?

Many not-for-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs are looking at innovative ways to expand, increase their scope and ensure their positive impact is sustainable.

Interested in investing?

Impact investments provide investors with greater choice and new opportunities to put their capital to use in ways that make a financial return and align with their values.