STREAT is a social enterprise that provides homeless and marginalised youth with a supported pathway from the streets to a sustainable livelihood in the hospitality industry. STREAT’s goals are to keep scaling its youth impact, and to reach financial self-sufficiency through growing its business operations.  In 2013 Geoff Harris, a key STREAT supporter, purchased a $2.5 million property in Collingwood, Cromwell Manor, and gifted its use to STREAT for 50 years. The site is to be developed into a flagship site and give STREAT the capacity to train and support more youth. It will contain a new artisan bakery, along with a training academy, café, production kitchen, coffee roastery and STREAT’s head office.  To develop the site, STREAT needed to secure over $3.5 million through a combination of philanthropic grants and repayable finance.