Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct guides who we are, how we act and provides guidance on how to make decisions. It underscores our commitment to operating legally, morally and ethically.

Ethical Decision-Making

When faced with ethical issues where the right decision or course of action is unclear, we should first ask ourselves:

  • Will the decision be in the best interests of children affected by the decision?
  • How will individuals who are experiencing disadvantage be affected by the decision?
  • Can we justify the decision to all affected stakeholders – particularly those impacted adversely by the decision?
  • Would we want the story to be on social media?
  • Is the decision legal and consistent with the spirit of laws and regulations?
  • Is it consistent with our values?
  • Does it comply with our policies?

Whenever you are unclear on what should be done, always consult with your manager or other relevant senior staff.

Children and Safeguarding

Impact Investing Australia is committed to following the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

All people have the same right to freedom from abuse and exploitation. Impact Investing Australia believes everyone who comes into contact with our work and activities, regardless of age, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or life circumstances, has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Therefore, Impact Investing Australia (IIA) staff, volunteers and contractors must never engage in any form of humiliating, degrading, abusive, exploitative or other forms of unacceptable behaviour under any circumstances. To achieve this:

  • If IIA staff, volunteers or contractors run programs with children or adults at risk they will ensure participants are informed about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.
  • IIA provides specific training to staff who engage with children or adults at risk.
  • IIA conducts a risk assessment of our impact on children and adults at risk.
  • Policies and procedures are in place to report any incidents.
  • Staff and contractors are required to report any incidents or concerns where they believe children or adults at risk may have been exposed to abused or exploited in any way.


Impact Investing Australia actively creates and promotes an environment that is inclusive of all people and their unique abilities, strengths and differences, and promotes diversity as a strategic and competitive advantage. We respect diversity in each other, our customers and suppliers and all others we interact with.

Impact Investing Australia promotes equal opportunity in its hiring practices, makes recruiting decisions based solely on job-related criteria and does not use forced labour.

Conflicts of Interest

We all must avoid conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest exists when a personal interest or activity interferes or appears to interfere with the duties you perform at Impact Investing Australia. A conflict of interest may unconsciously influence even the most ethical person and the mere appearance of a conflict may cause a person’s acts or integrity to be questioned. Potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed to your manager or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Gifts and Entertainment

A gift or favour should not be accepted or given if it might create a sense of obligation, compromise your professional judgment or create the appearance of doing so. In deciding whether a gift is appropriate, you should consider its value and whether public disclosure of the gift would embarrass you or Impact Investing Australia. All gifts valued at over $100 must be approved by the CEO and recorded on the Gifts Register.

Laws and Regulations

Impact Investing Australia is committed to full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations. IIA staff, volunteers and contractors must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations when performing your duties. When you think a conflict exists between our operations and an applicable law, rule or regulation, or if you have a question concerning the legality of your conduct or the conduct of others, you should consult with your manager.

Truth and Accuracy

All information provided by Impact Investing Australia to stakeholders, including government agencies and the general public, must be accurate and truthful.

Confidential Information

Impact Investing Australia information should be used only for company purposes. If you leave Impact Investing Australia, you must return all company materials and property, and any copies.


Impact Investing Australia complies with the relevant State and Federal Privacy Acts and requirements, including the Australian Privacy Principles.

All staff, volunteers and contractors must comply with our Privacy Policy.

Sexual Harassment

Impact Investing Australia will not tolerate sexual harassment under any circumstances. Responsibility lies with all staff, volunteers and contractors to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur.

Both federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity legislation provide that sexual harassment is unlawful and establish minimum standards of behaviour for all employees.

This policy applies to conduct that takes place in any work-related context, including conferences, work functions, social events and business trips.

No employee or volunteer at any level should subject any other employee, volunteer, customer or visitor to any form of sexual harassment.

Any breach of this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or contract.


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Code of Conduct
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