Change Makers is a four-part series introducing inspiring Australian social innovators as they shine a light on a new way of business where every dollar invested builds a better world.

Change Makers: Refugee Talent

In the second of our Change Makers series we met Nirary Dacho, Co-Founder of Refugee Talent to learn more about the employment platform which is connecting refugees and migrants with employers and enabling the hire of diverse talent in Australia. He was joined by Anthea Smits from TDi and Kath Leong from our Impact Investment Ready panel to talk about the journey from concept to launch and expansion.

Change Makers: Energy Renaissance

In the first of this Change Makers series we met Mark Chilcote, Founder and Managing Director of Energy Renaissance to learn about his journey and vision for a clean energy future. He was joined by Lachlan Edwards from Faraday Associates and Cathy Scalzo our Impact Investment Ready panelist to talk about the highs and lows and celebrate what is possible when you direct creativity and passion towards problems as challenging as Indigenous unemployment and climate change.