Impact Investing Australia values all forms of feedback (including complaints) about the way it works, its interactions and relationships with the community and the services and programs it provides. Impact Investing Australia will act fairly and transparently and treat both those who provide and those who are the subject of complaints with dignity, courtesy and respect. The privacy and confidentiality of all parties will be protected. We will be responsive to feedback and complaints and accountable for the management and outcomes of the feedback and complaints. We will:

  • take all feedback (positive or negative) seriously and respond promptly
  • judge all complaints on their merits and facts, acting on any conflict of interest
  • provide an appropriate remedy for any complaint that is substantiated
  • provide a clear explanation of what actions have been undertaken, and why, as a result of the feedback or complaint
  • record, assess and review feedback, positive or negative
  • manage information obtained through the feedback process according to privacy and confidentiality requirements.

Please direct feedback to