As you may be aware, the GLE hosted two webinars in the last two months, bringing together over 250 people from over 30 countries.  Each Webinar provided a valuable opportunity to facilitate conversations on themes key to the growth of the impact investing field globally. In addition, they served as spaces to form linkages between cross-sector and cross-national networks.

In order for these conversations to continue beyond the virtual meetings, and be accessible to a broader audience, the GLE have provided the audio-visual recording, key takeaways, participant chat, and key resources from each Webinar for your reference.

  • ·         Click here for a recap of the January Webinar focused on the role of public sector in social innovation, with Karen Wilson (OECD), Mairi Mackay (British Council East Asia), David Wood (Harvard University) and Rosemary Addis (Initiative Director, GLE and Australian Sector representative to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce)
  • ·         Click here for a recap of the February Webinar on the International Taskforce and the global impact investing market, with Sir Ronald Cohen (Chair, Social Impact Investment Taskforce) and Rosemary Addis

The GLE will be providing information on our next webinar on the GLE Website. Further, you can visit the section on recent developments andresource library for information on upcoming events and the latest resources on impact investing globally.