This summer, some of the team at Impact Investing Australia has put together a list of books that have made an impact on them this year. Spanning the areas of global history to exercising one’s creativity, they have inspired, challenged and moved our team. So, why not add one of these books to your reading list to take with you on your well-deserved holiday?

guns-germs-and-steelGuns, Germs, and Steel – Jared Diamond
Great read on how different starting conditions have placed different societies on wildly different pathways throughout history.  Another example of how the hand one is dealt plays an overwhelming role in the the size of the pots one can possibly win!
Daniel Madhavan, CEO



big-magicBig Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic strives to encourage its readers to live creatively, encouraging us to embrace and foster our innate creativity that she calls our ‘birthright as a human being’. Using a disarmingly charming voice, Gilbert talks to her reader as she coaxes them to nurture and implement creativity in every aspect of our day to day till it becomes a crowning feature in our lives. A great read that made me reassess how much freedom I exercise where my creative consciousness is concerned.
Gayertree Subramaniam, Content Producer


small-is-beautifulSmall is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered – E. F. Schumacher
This 1973 treatise of economics critiques our doggedness to pursue material wealth at all costs, and highlights all that we risk when we prioritise economic growth at the expense of our relationships, environment and inner wisdom.  A call for human redemption in the face of growing materialism and reliance on technology to solve our problems, Small is Beautiful remains as poignant and relevant today as when first published.
Carly Hammond, Director of Communications & Engagement


ethics-and-public-policyEthics and Public Policy: A Philosophical Inquiry – Jonathan Wolff
A practical application of philosophy to decision making in public policy. Wolff draws upon his own experience as a philosopher tackling some of the moral challenges in public policy. An easy read and interesting for policy makers, and the those seeking to influence policy change.
Sabina Curatolo, Director of Government Relations and Policy



boldBold – Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler 
I consider all books by Peter Diamandis a must-read to understand how exponential development in technology and science is shaping tomorrow’s world. We can’t afford not to be on top of that. His previous book “Abundance – The future is better than you think” suggests how Diamandis views the world – very refreshing, and much needed these days! (Hot tip: Listen to Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan’s podcast Exponential Wisdom)
Jennifer Ziegner, Business Development & Program Manager