NESsT recently released an in-depth analysis of social enterprise developments in Chile and Brazil. The book, Positioning Social Enterprises in the Policy Agenda: Road to Travel, is an insightful and pragmatic study of local potential, supported by an examination of common and contrasting themes across both jurisdictions, as well as the global context. The book outlines the road ahead, including signposts highlighting the way forward, as well as some pending challenges and cautionary tales. Access the Executive Summary for the report here.

The report emphasises the role of policy and an enabling environment to encourage and facilitate social enterprise, acknowledging governments’ important and legitimate stake in the development of new approaches to tackling social issues. Government’s play a central role as regulator and legislator; can activate a range of policy levers to create incentives for action and disincentives for harm; remove unnecessary barriers to promote wider participation; and enable enterprises to extend their reach and impact.