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Many not-for-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs are looking at innovative ways to expand, increase their scope and ensure their positive impact is sustainable.

SEDI Grants

Impact Investing Australia is pleased to be the Administrator of the Social Enterprise Development Initiative (SEDI) Grants, supported by the Department of Social Services.

SEDI will provide capability building grants of up to $120,000 to support eligible social enterprises to grow their impact.

The grants will be targeted towards supporting social enterprises to be more effective and efficient in demonstrating and increasing social impact for the vulnerable individuals and communities they exist to support.

Grants will be used to purchase business and impact capability building services from intermediaries, such as financial services, evaluation and impact measurement, business services and legal advice.

Please note: SEDI Grant applications have not yet opened (see scam alert notice below). To register your interest and receive information about how to apply for a SEDI Grant, submit your details here:

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SEDI Grants Scam Alert

The Department of Social Services (DSS) has received reports of an email scam where a scammer posing as a representative of DSS has emailed members of the public offering a $120,000 grant under the Social Enterprise Development Initiative (SEDI) program. The scammer requests the victim’s contact details, and then sends through a false ‘grant certificate’ to notify them they have been selected, which includes a falsified signature of a senior department officer. To gain access to the payment, victims are then told they need to pay a $250 fee to unlock a debit card.

What to do if you are contacted by a scam attempt

DSS does not contact members of the public through social media or email to offer grant opportunities. Legitimate grants will never require the recipient to pay a fee to access the amounts, and debit cards are not used to disburse grant payments. If you are contacted by one of these scam attempts, do not provide any personal or financial information. You can report it to DSS via contact details on their website or contact: fraud@dss.gov.au.

Impact incubators and accelerators

There are a number of impact incubators and accelerators that help social enterprises and purpose driven start ups grow their business and prepare for future impact investment, including:

  • Impact Boom‘s Elevate+ program helps entrepreneaurs develop sustainable and scalable impact enterprises
  • Scaling Impact helps start ups grow their business and prepare for future impact investment
  • Energy Lab is Australia’s largest clean tech startup accelerator
  • ImpactSpark provides WA start ups with the skills they need to grow their social enterprise

If you are an impact incubator or accelerator and would like to be included on this list please contact enquiries@impactinvestingaustralia

Impact intermediaries

Impact intermediaries play an important role, matching demand for capital with supply, these include:

  • Beckon Capital helps enterprises and investors mobilise capital to create positive impact
  • Benefit Capital offers a range of impact investing services including helping social enterprises raise capital, corporate structuring for impact, reporting on impact and emerging impact investment opportunities
  • Blue River Group assists clients create impact investment products and then find the appropriate wholesale investors for those products
  • Global Impact Initiative helps impact investing scale globally through specialised consulting, investment funds and education
  • Impact Generation Partners advises, invests in and supports enterprises that deliver financial as well as social and/or environmental returns
  • Impact Seed connects social enterprises with angel investors in Western Australia
  • ImpaQT bridges the gap between Queensland’s social innovation and impact investing sectors
  • Social Change Central is a dedicated online hub for social enterprises
  • Social Impact Hub helps social enterprises maximise their impact through advice, education, collaboration and the mobilisation of capital
  • Social Outcomes supports clients to develop evidence-based impact frameworks with clear outcomes measures designed to support the impact capital-raising process
  • Social Scaffolding supports organisations to create social good, for social enterprises this may include business modelling, outcome measurement, impact assessment, governance and reporting
  • Social Ventures Australia works collaboratively to deliver better social outcomes
  • Sefa is Australia’s leading financial solutions provider, partnering with organisations and investors to unlock social impact
  • The Difference Incubator develops investment ready enterprises
If you are an impact intermediary and would like to be included on this list please contact enquiries@impactinvestingaustralia.com

Growth Grants and Resilience Grants

The following organisations were awarded an Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant or a Resilience Grant between 2015 and 2023.