Opportunities for academic institutions to lead and act

Academic institutions can respond to student demand, accelerate practitioner insights and practical applications for social research, gain policy traction, drive new areas of innovation, value and partnership

Scaling impact and investment

Ensure support from university administration and faculty

Take an ecosystem approach to market building activities

Design for scale and sustainability in operations, utilising the full range of capability including research capacity

Support innovators and initiatives towards social impact

Explore policy implications and new products, document and distribute best practice

Provide an incubating platform bringing together multi-disciplinary research, social innovators and other partners on key societal challenges

Building the field

Lead by example as largescale issuers or investors e.g. green and sustainable bonds and other impact focused investments

Conduct actionable research on innovative financing in Australia and globally to create a knowledge base

As neutral convenors and facilitators, bring together cross sector actors for collaboration and partnership

Build capacity, and influence the current and next generation of actors and leaders e.g. impact incubators and accelerators and executive education

Propose alternatives to traditional theory of risk and return, updating fundamental investment theory to integrate impact alongside risk and return

Making it easier to participate

Lower real and perceived barriers to investment by educating and building capability and capacity in private and public actors

Increase the availability and access to information on impact investing

Develop courses on social innovation that have broad, mainstream appeal

Providing incubation space and incubator programs

Partner with industry players to create investment and funding opportunities

Use the fundraising and development capability of university to lead on funding for inclusive and collaborative impact

Take accountability for reporting on impact in a transparent and rigorous manner; implement integrated reporting