Opportunities for banks to lead and act

There are opportunities that enhance licence to operate, align core business, stakeholder values and future growth and attract and retain customers and talent

Scaling impact and investment

Create dedicated units and carve outs to facilitate the bank’s commitment to raising and deploying impact capital and build capacity

Engage new and existing partners and advisors in the effort to create impact solutions

Dedicate resources and leverage expertise from diverse partnerships to develop product in nascent and under-served markets

Provide additional institutional flexibility to product developers

Engage other parts of the bank (e.g. CSR; investor relations) in impact delivery and to embed impact across the bank

Building the field

Join and lead field building initiatives including support for impact investing wholesalers with capital and capacity and other intermediation and origination activities

Engage with other industry participants to establish consistency in impact reporting and disclosure and alignment with global standards (if available)

Define and understand impact goals at the organisational level and revise corporate strategy to integrate impact

Implement policies and practices for impact that align with agreed practice

Adopt rigorous impact management and reporting systems

Establish clear governance and KPIs around impact goals

Making it easier to participate

Develop public facing educational capabilities and resources for clients

Operationalise impact through business strategies and products and service offerings permeating all facets of client and market engagement

Embed impact into organisational capability and culture through capacity building and capability to assess impact risk

Tie staff KPIs to both financial and impact outcomes of the organisation and its products and services

Integrate impact assessment into client acceptance and risk management processes

Provide transparent impact reporting to clients on products and services

Implement integrated reporting; report on the bank’s impact against KPIs and impact goals and industry standards of impact metrics

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