Opportunities for community sector organisations and NGOs to lead and act

There are plenty of opportunities for the community sector and non-government organisations to enhance sustainability and capacity to deliver outcomes and mission

Scaling impact and investment

Approach impact investing as a tool to increase impact

Design for scale and sustainability in operations, utilising the full range of sector capability and capacity – including promoting shared value

Seek expert advice from specialist intermediaries to identify and measure value created and how it can generate revenue, assist with deal structuring, stakeholder negotiations and bringing the right blend of capital to the table

Proactively drive sector led incubation including funding and capacity for scalable solution-led approaches

Explore feasibility for industry-owned investment funds

Bring focus to broader opportunities for procurement that embeds social value

Become an impact investor in other NFPs social impact initiatives as a means to better achieve purpose and leverage assets for impact

Building the field

Sector leadership and stewardship to actively shape the way impact investing affects the sector’s future and its work with communities

Develop rigorous impact management frameworks and appropriate measures which allow (but is not driven by) reporting to funders and investors

Convene other sector actors to enable better and more consistent and comparable management and reporting of impact

Develop future focused models informed by clear theories of change for delivering impact objectives

Work with others to encourage funders to resource field building and collaboration

Work with others at industry level and in subsectors to influence supply chains, pool capital and develop skilled workforce and technology

Leverage philanthropy to grow impact readiness and access to capital

Making it easier to participate

Continue to create and develop community sector industry research and development capability

Share data and frameworks as appropriate

Know your impact, measure what matters, and back the organisation e.g. through payment by outcomes contracts that can facilitate a better way of working with communities, clients and government

Build fluency and capability to utilise the full range of capital (including underutilised assets) in funding and financing sustainable operations

Work with others to encourage funders to resource solution-led approaches

Identify priorities for regulatory and policy clarity (e.g. NDIS) to reduce uncertainty and risk