Opportunities for corporations to lead and act

There are opportunities for new growth aligned with core business and stakeholder values, secure licence to operate, open new markets and attract and retain talent.

Scaling impact and investment

Ensure high-level executive sponsorship and buy-in on impact initiatives

Embed impact into corporate strategy in a holistic and integrated way that promotes net impact and develops cross-departmental collaboration to operationalise

Evaluate market entry opportunities (new segments/ under-supplied markets)

Develop strategies for engaging with and supporting suppliers to avoid harm and increase impac

Proactively explore opportunities to use investments to advance internal and external stakeholder interests. Where thematic alignment is strong, play an anchor role

Building the field

Consider collaborating with competitors on thematic areas of interest

Adapt product and service offerings including new product development in line with impact objectives

Build a rigorous impact framework into governance and business strategy

Align with global standards, if available, or partner with other industry players to develop a consistent impact reporting approach

Support development of intermediaries and impact-driven enterprise capacity

Making it easier to participate

Join impact investing networks and peer groups to share and leverage knowledge and capacity

Develop and contribute to thought leadership by sharing lessons

Set minimum impact benchmarks for suppliers (including financiers)

Embed impact into organisational capability and culture through capacity building and capability to assess impact risk

Tie staff KPIs to both financial and impact outcomes of the organisation and its products and services

Consider and track all impact including supplementary risks and benefits of operations

Take accountability for reporting on impact in a transparent and rigorous manner; implement integrated reporting; consider BCorp certification