Opportunities for family offices to lead and act

There are opportunities to utilise capital to enhance mission, aligned impact and financial goals, open new partnerships and enhance influence

Scaling impact and investment

Clarify and communicate to partners the family primary, actionable areas of interest

Work closely with partners to develop robust impact theses in thematic areas

Put all tools on the table if needed (i.e. grants, DAFs, PRIs, endowment or investment capital)

Invest in and through intermediaries and support capacity to get established and grow

Building the field

Actively seek opportunities with field building effect

Be prepared to invest in developing early-stage markets, including investing to prove up new models, help field building activity get off the ground and sustain effort, support market enabling intermediaries get established

Use flexible capital to de-risk investments and mobilise others

Require high levels of accountability and transparency around the impact created

Establish rigorous impact measurement and management requirements of partners

Making it easier to participate

Commit to learning about impact management practice

Demand wealth advisors/managers provide advice on impact

Engage partners in conversations about what they do, and what the family principals might need

Be open to partnering with specialists on client education and discovery

Join and contribute to peer groups and communities of practice