Opportunities for foundations to lead and act

There are opportunities to utilise capital to enhance mission, align impact and financial goals, open new partnerships and enhance influence

Scaling impact and investment

Partner closely with program teams and external partners to amplify thematic impacts (e.g. grantees, service providers and peers)

Listen to people about their need, value experience in innovation and delivery and enable leaders

Demonstrate and promote capacity and role to derisk impact investment and mobilise others

Drive solution-focused approaches, including convening key stakeholders around aligned impact goals to solve key issues

Increase emphasis on driving market-level change

Building the field

Lead by example and utilise the range of tools for funding, finance, convening and capacity development

Fund and advocate for field building e.g. support for field building and intermediaries, development of standards, data sources and dissemination of models

Value and support field-level advocacy

Target investments building and shaping new markets

Engage with peers and key stakeholders around consistency in impact reporting and disclosure requirements

Be active and visible in development of indices and benchmarks

Seek out models that deliver solutions and involve new stakeholders at the margins

Take longer term view on value creation and returns

Making it easier to participate

Promote communications function to raise awareness and support education initiatives

Drive demand through terms of engagement with investment professionals and fund managers

Document and share cases, lessons and data to drive market development

Community and public funds listen to donors and share their experience

Design investment strategies that signal impact matters and provide examples of engagement and new market models

Create and report against measures for additionality including related market development effects

Be explicit and monitor the impact risks and market-level impact

Actively align and engage with stakeholders including mainstream investors