Opportunities for individuals to act and lead

There are plenty of opportunities for individuals to align their investments with their values and signal impact matters through demand and choice

Scaling impact and investment

Clarify which social and environmental outcomes are of interest and build understanding in these areas around what drives impact

Review and analyse how current investments, donations and selection of products and services are aligned with impact objectives

More actively investigate and invest in products and service providers that are aligned with values and impact goals

Building the field

Engage actively to communicate expectations that others in the value chain avoid harm and benefit people and planet

Push service providers (e.g. wealth managers and superannuation funds) to report and describe impact alongside financial returns and risks

Making it easier to participate

Exercise consumer choice and share information to drive demand including for banking and superannuation fund activities

Actively choose product and service offerings that disclose impact through accreditation systems (e.g. Fair trade) or high levels of impact disclosure in reporting

Break the investment taboo; talk with friends in a social context about making impact investments

Identify opportunities for learning more about impact and building capacity