Opportunities for government to lead and act

There are opportunities for governments to expand their policy toolbox and grow private capital for public good to deliver better outcomes

Scaling impact and investment

Invest in infrastructure such as investment readiness funds and an impact investing wholesaler to scale the Australian market and support intermediary development

Increase the “spill over” effects of economic growth and explicitly design for and measure targeted impact outcomes

Design and implement a government commissioning and procurement framework with impact and outcomes as key components

Strengthen the culture of measurement and evaluation and results based policymaking

Call for EOIs which leverage the multiplier effect of impact investing for priority areas of government spending

Provide flexible capital in co-investment models to crowd in market capital

Building the field

Expand the policy toolbox and build public sector capacity for the future

Support key actors, such as social enterprises, to provide more diverse and effective means of meeting citizen needs and delivering a more resilient social sector

Create robust rules and standards requiring disciplined impact measurement and management by partners

Open up data accessibility and linking across government departments and layers of government (subject to privacy) and analyse and clarify the costs in key areas of social service provision

Convene key stakeholders around areas of policy priorities aligned with impact

Making it easier to participate

Establish a dedicated unit as a ‘go to’ place for other impact investment actors

Increase measurement and transparency of outcomes for people and the planet from public funds

Develop authentic pathways for soliciting citizen input

Explore effective mechanisms for putting a price on outcomes (e.g. rate cards)

Act on regulatory impediments to impact investing with a flexible view to amendment

Consider strengthening regulations around impact disclosure requirements for corporations (e.g. potential adoption of integrated reporting, mandatory disclosure of impact for superannuation funds, Global Alliance for Banking on Values)