28 January 2022 Pre-budget submission

Our pre-budget submission outlines recommendations to enable infrastructure that can catalyse and accelerate private capital and investment around structural reform and towards a more inclusive economic recovery.

11 January 2021 Pre-Budget Submission

This submission provides a policy framework which encourages investments which create jobs in sectors of the economy which are aligned with better social and environmental outcomes.

24 August 2020 Budget Submission

Impact investing has a critical role to play in driving a return to positive and inclusive economic growth in a post-COVID environment.

24 August 2020 Covid Commission Submission

There are a number of impact investing instruments we could use to offset some of the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 and hasten the path to recovery.

26 January 2020 Pre-Budget Submission

This submission includes a policy framework for the Australian Government and a recommendation to establish impact investing institutions to achieve better outcomes for both Australian communities and those in the Indo Pacific.

26 February 2019 Pre-Budget Submission

The Australian Government has various roles in impact investing.  This submission includes a recommendation for a minimum $150m to be matched by Australian financial institutions and other investors to establish a SII wholesaler for Australia.

17 December 2017 Pre-Budget Submission

This budget submission calls on the Australian Government to enable a game-changing institution and unlock the opportunity to drive positive societal outcomes at scale.