Said Business School of the University of Oxford has released a white paper called The Landscape of Social Impact Investment Research: Trends and Opportunities, as well as an accompanying practitioner guide, Universities, Research, and Building the Social Impact Investment Market: A Guide for Practice. The white paper is the most comprehensive picture of the literature that exists on Social Impact Investment to date.

In particular it looks at the existing research interest and activity on Social Impact Investing amongst academics globally, as well as providing a framework for possible future research.

Several activities were undertaken to collect primary data for the paper:

  • consultation with 83 practitioners, policymakers and academics based in 13 different countries;
  • 3 informant seminar meetings with a total of 50 attendees; and
  • a literature review of both academic and non-academic research.

The paper concludes with some specific ideas for projects that could be pursued in the immediate future by a range of bodies – banks, corporates and other private bodies; research councils; foundations and commission research; government and other public bodies; and sector bodies such as impact investment funds, intermediaries and individual investors.

The practitioner guide draws on the conclusions in the white paper and outlines next steps for organisations looking to collaborate with academics on a research project.