Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing

The Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing provides leadership and strategy for accelerating the growth of the impact investment market in Australia, as well as informing global market development through the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (formerly the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the G8).

Established in 2014, the Board comprises a number of Australia’s most experienced leaders spanning the finance, business, not for profit, philanthropic and community sectors; each committed to growing the opportunities for investments that deliver measurable social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns.

The Board has developed a strategy for accelerating the growth of the impact investment market in Australia. Impact Investing Australia is driving its implementation.

Board Members and Ambassadors:

Rosemary Addis (Chair)

Adrian Appo OAM

David Bennett

Sandy Blackburn-Wright

Richard Brandweiner

David Crosbie

Sarah Davies

Rob DiMonte

Belinda Drew

Steve Lambert

Fabienne Michaux

Peter Munro

Louise Sylvan

Christopher Thorn AM

Andrew Tyndale

Simon Warner

Carolyn Hewson AO

Carol Schwartz AM

Peter Shergold AC

Impact Investing Australia

First Australians Capital

Social Enterprise Finance Australia

Social Outcomes

LeapFrog Investments

Community Council of Australia

Philanthropy Australia

Chartered Accountants Benevolent Foundation Ltd and GP Partners Australia, Social Capital SA and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Social Capital and Carnegie Mellon University Australia

Community Services Industry Alliance

National Australia Bank

Standard & Poor’s

A.T. Kearney

University of Sydney

Ernst & Young

Grace Mutual

AMP Capital

Non-Executive Director (Ambassador)

Trawalla Foundation (Ambassador)

Western Sydney University (Ambassador


The Australian Advisory Board is grateful to former Advisory Board members Stephen Dunne, Stephen Fitzgerald, Michael Traill and Paul Peters for their contributions to the Board and the Australian strategy.

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We’ve made some changes:

From 2017, Impact Investing Australia will focus exclusively on the development of two flagship market building initiatives: Impact Capital Australia and the Impact Investment Readiness Growth Grant. In keeping with these changes, this website will only be updated with content relating to these initiatives.

We have been privileged to support the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing’s strategy to grow the market for impact investing between 2014-2016. The Australian Advisory Board will drive the next wave of strategy for market development in collaboration with the broader impact investment marketplace.