Big Society Capital

The UK wholesale impact fund was established in 2012 and works with investors, intermediaries, charities and social enterprises to help improve people’s lives. BSC has created significant market development effects including growing awareness, increasing the number of intermediaries operating at scale, investing in market infrastructure, supporting mass market participation through successful advocacy for social investment tax relief and a cornerstone investment in the Threadneedle Social Bond Fund, which is the first retail bond product that includes social investments.

Note. Impact Investing Australia is advocating for a wholesaler similar to BSC (Impact Capital Australia) to be established in Australia.


BSC’s impact on people spans nine outcome areas and results include: 30,000 people accessing online mental health support; education, training and employment including 26,000 jobs and training opportunities; family, friends and relationships including 5,000 children accessing affordable childcare, income and financial inclusion, housing and local facilities, arts, heritage, sport and conservation of the natural environment.


BSC has attracted co-investment from a broad range of investors including social bank depositors, charities and foundations, government agencies, banks and pension funds.