Energy Renaissance

Energy Renaissance designs, manufactures and sells lithium-ion battery storage products optimised for hot climates using proven technology and home grown IP.  Their manufacturing plant will open in regional NSW in the first half of 2021.  At full capacity, the plant will employ between 1,200 and 1,300 people and accelerate Australia’s transition towards a clean energy future.

The investment

Energy Renaissance is scaling up with the help of an Impact Investing Australia Growth Grant. This grant has allowed the company to advance manufacturing, create jobs and contribute to the economic regeneration of regional Australia through the production of Australian made batteries using a local supply chain.

The impact

Energy Renaissance is developing energy efficiency technologies such as battery storage which will unlock significant economic benefits through manufacturing, jobs creation, exports and operational efficiencies for businesses together with the advantages of providing reliable energy for remote communities.

While Australia is not typically seen as the go-to location for manufacturing, Energy Renaissance found ways utilising advanced manufacturing techniques to offset the difference in labour costs between Australian skilled workers and that of Australia’s neighbours.