Impact investing is a relatively new concept to many in Australia and so here are some resources to help you learn more about this emerging market, both here and globally.

Impact investing in a nutshell

Watch this video to understand social impact investing and how to participate in this growing global market.

Geraldine Doogue hosted a series on impact investing at the end of 2013 on ABC Radio National.  To listen to this excellent five part series, click here. The final episode of the series features an interview with Impact Investing Australia’s co-founders Rosemary Addis and Sandy Blackburn-Wright along with Carol Schwartz from our Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing.

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We’ve made some changes:

From 2017, Impact Investing Australia will focus exclusively on the development of two flagship market building initiatives: Impact Capital Australia and the Impact Investment Readiness Growth Grant. In keeping with these changes, this website will only be updated with content relating to these initiatives.

We have been privileged to support the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing’s strategy to grow the market for impact investing between 2014-2016. The Australian Advisory Board will drive the next wave of strategy for market development in collaboration with the broader impact investment marketplace.