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Through publications, broadcasts and the media we provide insights and a vision for a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous society and share stories of enterprises and investors leading the way.

21 September 2020 Creating a path for an impact-led recovery

1,570+ people from 60+ came together at the GSG's 2020 Virtual Global Impact Summit earlier this month to discuss ways to put impact at the heart of the Covid-19 economic recovery. 

18 September 2020 Leaders’ Declaration

Impact Investing Australia joins the call for urgent action to save billions of people from further hardship by putting impact at the heart of the Covid-19 economic recovery.

17 September 2020 Leaders call for urgent action to save billions of people from further hardship by putting impact at the heart of the Covid-19 economic recovery

Read the full Leaders’ Declaration here.  Over 300 CEOs, executives, business leaders, philanthropists and government figures have signed a Declaration calling for urgent action towards a just and impact-led Covid-19 economic recovery that serves all people and preserves our planet. Outlining solutions identified by the impact investment

15 September 2020 Building back better

The market has evolved and grown and in recognition of this we are moving to one voice under the Impact Investing Australia brand.

4 September 2020 What boards need to know about impact investing

Directors Richard Brandweiner, Rosemary Addis and Louise Sylvan talk about impact investing, the changing role of directors and the need for boardroom discussions to revolve around society, not just the business and its bottom line in AICD's Company Director magazine.

24 August 2020 Budget Submission

Impact investing has a critical role to play in driving a return to positive and inclusive economic growth in a post-COVID environment.

24 August 2020 Covid Commission Submission

There are a number of impact investing instruments we could use to offset some of the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 and hasten the path to recovery.

1 July 2020 SDG Impact consultation

We're delighted to host a dialogue with colleagues from the UNDP’s SDG Impact and extend to Australian practitioners and stakeholders opportunities to contribute to the development of tools to accelerate investment toward the UN SDGs.

2 April 2020 The Corona Impact

Mission-driven organisations and not-for-profits play an important role in our community and it is in times like this that many of them are most needed.  

27 March 2020 Xceptional impact

One clever business, Xceptional has harnessed the strengths of people with autism to develop a social purpose technology services firm.  

6 March 2020 International Women’s Day 2020

We are celebrating International Women's Day by recognising some of the remarkable women leveraging business and investment as a tool for social impact